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Cloud Infrastructure & Management Overview

Deliver faster innovation with optimal control and security with new hybrid cloud capabilities that cut across infrastructure, applications, data and users.


The cloud revolution continues to spur evolution and innovation within the datacenter. As more and more businesses realize the value cloud provides to their success, they are clamoring for solutions that will let them harness the power of the cloud, while retaining control of their IT environments on-premises. Hybrid cloud capability is driving the rate and pace of change in IT organizations.

Partner opportunity

​This “cloud revolution" that has been anticipated for years is now here and presents massive greenfield opportunities for partners. A recent IDC estimate projects that 40 percent of partner revenue will come from cloud-related products and services in 2 years.

Capitalize on this opportunity by building your Cloud Infrastructure & Management practice with Microsoft. Read the Partner Opportunity Playbook – Cloud Infrastructure & Management to learn about the benefits of partnering with Microsoft. See also Partner Opportunity Playbooks for: Azure security and operations management, Migrate Customer Workloads, High Performance Computing, Hybrid Storage, SAP on Azure, Red Hat on Azure, Windows Server Apps on Azure.

Get started

​To get started, review the Cloud Infrastructure & Management Partner Practice Toolbox and Partner Practice Development Playbook, and click on a specialization link to the right to access all partner guidance and resources.

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