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Partner Practices


Cloud Application Development

Application Development

Developer Operations

Digital Media



Cloud Infrastructure & Management

Cloud Infrastructure

Development and Test + DevOps

SAP on Azure

Azure Security & Operations Management

Datacenter Transformation


Data Platform & Analytics

Business Analytics

Data Platform Modernization

Internet of Things


Security and Compliance

Enterprise-level Identity Protection

Control and Protect Information

Proactive Attack Detection and Prevention

Regulatory Compliance

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Partner Stories


In a league
of its own

The cloud enabled BlueMetal to become a unique modern applications company.

 Case study



Specialty of
the house

Cloud2020 focuses on one specialty which it sells to maximum effect using the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider program.

 Case study



Love what you do,
do what you love

As a Microsoft Partner, Commentor has been early on Microsoft technologies such as the cloud, opening it to huge opportunities to answer the demand for customers to transition to the cloud.

 Case study



Running with Microsoft
in the cloud

For Inframon, the size of your business doesn’t matter nearly as much as being a trusted advisor and a leader of change.

 Case study


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