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Cloud Infrastructure and Management Practice Accelerators

The Cloud Infrastructure and Management Practice Accelerators are designed to help you build your Hybrid Cloud practice based on Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Platform: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, Windows Server, and System Center.


Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework Workshop is designed to be ideal for pre-sales engagements where customer cloud opportunities need to be uncovered and adoption accelerated. Through a co-creation style workshop, we jointly develop the customer’s cloud adoption goals, desired outcomes and create an adoption plan. This ideation exercise, accomplished in a co-creation fashion, provides the customer with ownership of the output and clearly positions Microsoft as a strategic partner.

The cloud adoption workshop is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate to the customer that achieving benefits from cloud requires a formally defined adoption process.
  • Highlight that we have a formal approach based on MSIT and our extensive customer engagement experience.
  • Gain a clear understanding of cloud benefits and why Azure and Microsoft is ideal for their organization.
  • Ideate together to determine the cloud adoption goals for their organization.
  • Ideate together to determine the cloud outcomes desired by their organization.
  • Develop an adoption plan to achieve the outcomes mapped to their adoption goals.
  • Alleviate concerns around typical blockers such Data Governance, Security, and Cloud Brokerage with presentation modules that can be added to workshop.
  • Accelerate and formalize their cloud adoption with CLEAR next steps that can easily be converted into a proposal and SOW.

Key Highlights

Framework for Microsoft Cloud adoption targeted at enterprise customers

Audience: Enterprise Practice executives, partner consultants, and Business/Technical decision makers.

When to use: During early stage of customer engagement to establish capability and credibility, land the framework as a structured mechanism to identify and prioritize key projects.

Outcome: Customer IT profile assessment, project roadmap report-out, identified customer priorities, and develop the next steps towards new projects and deployments.